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Solutions to the Most Difficult FAA Knowledge Test Questions
  This Week's Hot Topic:
Grass Operations

It's a bucket list item for most pilots. Flying in and out of a grass strip. Find out how to do it here.




  Pilots: Meet Your Panel


Whether you fly "steam" or "glass" getting in a good relationship with your instrument panel is crucial. Take some fun time to explore your panel here.




  Deciphering METARS


Coded METARs don't have to be a problem on the Written Test. The FAA even tells you what they are in advance! Use this Examogram to learn them the easy way.



  Latitudes and Longitudes


Are you befuddled by coordinates on Sectional charts? Fret no more! This Examogram will get you up to speed and guarantee that you know how to answer those test questions about latitude and longitude.




This is what my old Flight Test Guide looked like back in 1976. A whole lot smaller than the Practical Test Standards (PTS) we use today! You have probably heard that the PTS will soon be replaced by the new Airman Certification Standards (ACS). The FAA had hoped to implement the ACS in the fall of 2015 but it has been pushed back into 2016.
If you're preparing for your Private Pilot check ride, not much will change. The name of the test will change from Practical Test to Certification Test, but the maneuvers and tolerances
wll remain as they are. The name and document will change, hopefully making it easier to use and more in line with the written test materials. But the changes will be more of form than of substance. For now, just keep on doing what you're doing. There is nothing new for you to prepare for. - Russ Still

6-Time Master CFI


  Category and Class

Aircraft Category and Class questions are frequently missed on both the Knowledge Test as well as the oral portion of the Certification Test. Here is an easy ways to understand and remember them.





  Night Flight and Aircraft Lights

Aircraft lighting in the night environment isn't complicated. Yet, people still keep missing the questions about them on the written test. Don't be a member of that crowd.




  New Way to Master Performance Charts

These charts have been confounding pilots since the days of Wilbur and Orville. They are convoluted and confusing. No amount of YouTube videos will make them any easier, either. this new interactive approach will solve the mystery once and for all.  



  Selecting Alternate Airports


If forecast conditions at your destination airport are not VFR, an alternate airport must be selected for your IFR flight plan. Take a look at how it's done.





Fog is a very important topic, and not just for VFR pilots. You'll see questions about it on both Private and Instrument Knowledge Tests and during Certification Tests.



  VOR Navigation

The Private Pilot Knowledge Test includes a number of questions relating to VOR navigation. These can be confusing, but they don't have to be. Check out this Examogram to learn the secrets.




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